Kanazawa, the biggest city in Hokuriku, is located in the middle of Japan’s main island. Boasting rich history and culture, this city offers a range of sightseeing destinations. While the city’s most popular attractions can be found within a compact, easily navigable central area, renting a car is the best option to travel to the outskirts or take a few days’ excursion outside of the city.
Bordered by the Sea of Japan and the Japan Alps, Hokuriku features a beautiful landscape dotted with historic temples and shrines, picturesque villages, hot springs and rich natural surroundings. Most travelers never leave Japan without seeing the skyscrapers of Tokyo and the temples of Kyoto, but if you get to Hokuriku, you will experience one of the unspoiled gems that encompasses all that is traditionally Japanese.

Kanazawa is easily accessible by train or car from Tokyo and Kyoto, so make this city the base for your road trip in Hokuriku. Renting a car gives you the freedom to plan your own trip, as well as allowing you to reach many places that are missed by most tour groups. Away from the city, you will not need to drive in congested traffic. While public transport such as bus and train is cheap and reliable, it can be cause for very long journeys. In addition, rural areas are less well served, and some places are just impossible to reach.
ROAD TRIPPIN’ contains useful information you need to enjoy your road trip in Hokuriku. Rent a car in Kanazawa and get out to discover the “real” Japan!

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